Graham Annable's Zombie Love

With much ado about zombies in the coming week, we thought it'd be nice to revisit Graham Annable's "Last Duet on Earth"

Annable is also a contributor for Zombies In Love, opening this Saturday (Feb 6).  Check back this week for a very exclusive preview of his work in the exhibit.


Avatar Prints Available

Last Saturday's Avatar Panel was a great time to be had.  It was really inspiring and informational to learn about the details behind the visuals of the film.  Thank you to all the fans that made it out to the event and our special thanks to the panelists.  We were very honored to present such talent.

We are also excited to offer these limited edition Avatar prints!
Click on the images below to learn more...


The Art World?

This is a must watch video for all artists, art collectors, and anyone who has been a curious observer of the contemporary art world wondering what makes it tick. Narrated by art critic Robert Hughes the film documents his observation of the art world/market for the past half century. Although biased, the film is truthful in its own right and should stimulate discussion and inquiry as to why we look at art the way we do and what the function of art is or can be.


Zombie Show UPDATE

Junko Mizuno "ravenous akko" acrylic and gold paint

We have been working to make the Zombies in Love exhibition a strange and wonderful event to remember. In attempt to do so we have added some additional features to the show:

-FREE Zombie figure drawing workshop with a live (or dead) zombie model!

-We have invited the folks at "Eat my Taco" to be a vendor at the event. (there may be Brain Tacos for sale for all the zombies...or some close substitute)

-There is now a Zombie Shooting Gallery thanks to the folks at for working with us to make it happen.
We wanted to give people an experience that was close to a real zombie attack. Using gas powered air soft guns people will have a limited number of ammunition to take out a small group of walking zombies before they breach your perimeter. The zombies will be grunting and reacting to shots made whether in the arm, leg, in the head or other areas... Look for us in the parking lot behind Nucleus.

(check out all details in the event section)

Zombie Walk Reminder:
-Meet on the corner of Atlantic and Garfield at 6:20 to go over the rules and guidelines
-The walk starts at about 6:30
-We will be walking to Nucleus at which point the show will start

Brian Smith "untitled" oil


Katana Umbrella

Although this umbrella is known as the "Samurai Umbrella", I can assure you that a sword or umbrella knows no allegiance.  Stormy days are no match for those brandishing this umbrella.  After the season is over, this deadly accessory also makes for good coverage from the rain of blood from your enemies.  
Available at Kikkerland.


SAVE 15% off the Art of Avatar book or anything in the store!

Okay all you Na'vi fans. Here it is, the final guest list of the artists who would be attending the Art of AVATAR book signing.

James Clyne

Dylan Cole
Steven Messing
Ben Procter
Daphne Yap 
Ryan Church

But of course, if you are a Human fan, our doors will be graciously open to you as well. The event will be free but the seating will be limited, so get here fast! If you cannot find a seat, there will be plenty of room to stand.

The program of the signing will be as follows:

Q and A session followed by Booksigning (6pm - 8pm)

Jordu Schell's PHANTASMS Exhibition (8pm - 10pm)

SAVE 15% off the Art of Avatar book or anything in the store! Simply Blog, Facebook, or Tweet the AVATAR signing and Phantasms (Jordu solo exhibition), and bring the printed proof. If you are out of town and want to order the book online just email us a link and we'll send you a discount code.

Pre-Order your signed copy of AVATAR here:

Hope to see you there.


Zombies In Love love?!

Say what?

That's right. If immortal, sparkle-stud vampires can fall in love, why can't zombies? Yes, even souless, brain-eating machines are capable of frivilious, sentimental nonsense. My advice to you, if your brain is failing at conjuring up images of decaying bodies doing anything remotely romantic, you should DEFINATELY come and check out this show. We have these amazing artists who managed to escape a wave of zombie infestation and bring to us a wealth of illustrative and artful documentary of...Zombies in Love.

Here is one by a fellow zombie survivor Mindy Lee.

Check out her blog for more awesome images!

Click here [ Mindy's site ]

Here is one by another artist, Jim McPherson. Brave man.

For more information, click here. [ Zombies in Love ]

Zombies will be in town from February 6 - 22. Please leave your flamethrowers at home. Thank you.

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Hunting from Above

Most people don't realize that once Cavemen mastered the skill of "fire" and "round rocks" (later named "the wheel"), they took to the air with a new and improved hunting strategy.  Artist Scott C. depicts the notable moment in history through this newly released giclee print available here


Free Dr. Sketchy Session this Sat!

We are thrilled to host a free DR. SKETCHY session this Saturday during the opening of Lift Off:The Art of Airships.  The session will kick off at 8pm in our upstairs Atrium gallery with a pilot-themed model so bring your favorite drawing supplies and join in the fun.


"Lift Off" Artist Rick O'Brien

For the past decade, Rick O'Brien has been a one-man art department in Hollywood, designing, constructing and painting sets and props for such clients as Victoria's Secret, Luxor Las Vegas, Nikon, London IMAX, Konica, Tevo, Motorola, Honda, United States Postal Service, Proctor & Gamble, "The Contender" and "The Apprentice."


We are very honored to have the artist contributing to the Lift Off exhibition.  O'Brien is presenting paintings, sculptures, video, and also signing his book Counterweight.

Counterweight compiles stunning images from experiences, environments, and emotions perceived through the artist's diverse projects, as well as from his everyday life.  The artist captures the human condition expertly. Recognized by the Society of Illustrators, O'Brien's art has placed both gold and bronze and has received much acclaim and print exposure in various publications.


Through traditional mediums ranging from egg tempera and oil to gouache, wood, ink, resin, and plaster, the artist's catalogue beautifully scrutinizes Man and his journey.  The images below are teasers of what is in store for this Saturday's opening.


Kazu Kibuishi Print Set Contest (Ends Jan 7)

Born in Tokyo, Kazu Kibuishi is an American graphic novel author and illustrator.  He is best known for his critically acclaimed Amulet series as well as being the creator and editor of the comic anthology Flight and the web comic Copper.  The web comic artist and noted critic Scott McCloud has said that some of Kazu Kibuishi's work is so beautifully drawn that "it hurts my hands when I look at it."

Fittingly, Kazu Kibuishi is among the artists contributing to this Saturday's Lift Off exhibit. He is also in the finishing stages of the third installment of his Amulet series.

We are awarding 3 lucky winners with a set of prints by the artist (Canyon Town, Passing Ships, Jellyfish Canyon)

To enter the contest, simply blog the details of our Lift Off exhibit online and email a link to your post to on or before January 7.  Be sure to include the following link in your post:

We hope to see you at the opening this Saturday!  Stay tuned here for exclusive previews of the featured work.


Win a Hot Air Balloon Ride this Saturday!

Join us this Saturday for the opening of Lift Off: The Art of Airships and receive a free raffle ticket for your chance to win a ride in an actual hot air balloon!  Each person attending this Saturday's opening will receive a free raffle ticket and can purchase additional tickets to increase the odds of winning ($2 each).  The winner will be announced at 10PM on Saturday.  Ride available through Soaring Adventures.

What better way to start of the new year!

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.


"Lift Off" Artist Sterling Hundley

The work of illustrator and painter Sterling Hundley has appeared regularly in the pages of Communication Arts Magazine, American Illustration, Print Magazine, the New York Society of Illustrators among many others. In addition to winning three gold, and two silver medals from the Society of Illustrators, New York, Sterling has been awarded gold and silver medals from the Illustrators Club in Washington, D.C.

Hundley and his work have been the subject of feature articles in Communication Arts magazine (2008), Print (Young Visual Artists, 2004), and RVA magazine (2008). Sterling lives in Richmond (VA), where is a Professor in the Department of Communication Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University, and he is one of five core instructors at the Illustration Academy, held on the campus of Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota (FL).

Hundley is one of the contributors to Lift Off, opening this Saturday.  We hope you will join us.



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